My Un-sponsered Thoughts On Graze

I’m currently nibbling at a delicious brownie at my desk, ready for revision in like twenty minutes. However, I wanted to stop and talk to you about something I’ve been loving lately- Graze. Completely unsponsored, I’m enjoying a treat from my second box now and wanted to tell you why I love Graze so much.

Everybody and their dog have heard of Graze, the brand is going pretty mental with its advertisement at the moment, however, I’m not convinced everyone actually believes it. The brand is pretty simple- healthy snacks made from healthier ingredients.

As a snacker, this idea always called out to me, and I have wanted to try their snack subscription box for literally years- I’d just never got around to it. Then, when watching Brogan’s vlog, I finally did it- signed up with my first box free. It was quick and simple to log in, complete my likes and dislikes, and have me box in the post.

The subscription box is letterbox sized- so no need to worry about being home for delivery- and has four different snacks for you to try. So far, I have tried hot cross yum, the rhubarb and pear compote, the Mississippi bbq pistachios and the Graze brownie. And- I have loved them all.

It really surprised me how much I enjoyed the snacks. When I eat them, I feel good. They’re so tasty and the inventive theme to them, makes healthy eater much more appetising. For example, the Graze brownie tastes exactly like a naughty brownie, but has beetroot in it and is only 110 calories. The boxes have also introduced me to new flavours, like pistachios and cranberries, that I’d never have tried if not.

Also, the snacks are the perfect portion and they do fill you up. For me, I have loved this them as a side to revision, but you could take the boxes as a part of your daily lunch!

I am so happy I tried Graze, and will definitely be re-ordering boxes at least till the end of my revision. I can guilt-free snack, and stay away from those chocolates a bit more, as well as enjoying fruit and nuts that taste like hot cross buns! 

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  1. I love Graze. I have now got my second box and I never thought I would like it as much as I do. However, for what you get, they are expensive, but in a way, I think they are very worth it! I love the summer fruits flapjacks and the chocolate hazelnut prezels!

    Katie xxx

    1. I don't think they're priced too badly as the products feel good value! I havent tried those yet but im sure they're tasty! Lydia Eve xx


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