Recent Additions: Denim, Stripes and RED

I feel like I go through fazes with my fashion- although floordrobe mornings, where clothes seem to morph into hopeless things, always dot my months. Yet, at the moment, I’m really loving my style and building upon it. Instead of simply mindlessly shopping, I had visions of what I wanted- clearly my mind is a little obsessed with red things for one. So here are a few new additions that are helping to make up my summer outfits right now… it’s fair to say I’m a tad in admiration.


It’s late at night, the day of my Textiles AS exam and what do I decided to do a few strokes before midnight. Click Checkout.

To be fair, I’d be ogling this lil’ denim dress for a couple of weeks, and had vouchers given to me too, but I presumed a late night Topshop order was gonna end in trouble. But in actual fact, both bits I picked up- that are featuring here- pleased me epically, and erghhhhh this dress is gorgeous.

The denim dress is covered with dainty embroidered daisy motifs, a simple cut but one that looks effortlessly lovely. I adore the back, the shape as it juts out in a boxy style, and the hooped zip. I’ve already worn it heaps, with a simple white tee underneath and my red bag too… somehow I get the feeling I won’t take this little pinny off much this season. 


I am a lover of stripes, but normally on other people rather than me. I find, as a bit of a curvier gal, they can be quite hard to wear flatteringly, so normally I stay away. But matched with this adorable wrap style, I just felt like giving no shits to the rules I seem to guide myself by, and I really really love how it looks. When I’ve worn it, I’ve matched it with my denim button down skirt (cause we all have one after they became a trend last year right?) and I also pop a vest underneath- making this daring style easier to wear casually. I just find wrap tops take me back to my childhood dreams to be a ballerina… 


Right then… RED. I don’t know why, but for a while now I’ve just fallen for red, bright unapologetic loud red. I used to hate the colour, but now it seems to be all I want to wear.

This red top is something I bought for my holiday this year, and when I wore it I literally felt a bit like the Special K lady- like, hell yeah? It’s ruffle-y and pretty, bold and fun, fitting in perfectly with my current vibe.


The last thing is a little box bag that I nearly went around the world to find. I spoke about my love for my little burgundy bag in my Favourites post a few months back, just the way I loved the size and aesthetic with outfits. However, I really wanted a red one for the summer- but could I find one. No.

After searching literally any store I could think of, including Amazon, Ebay, Depop…. I eventually found it out of stock at M&S. So like a little obsessed stalker, I updated the page near-constantly for two days and one came in. Which is now mine.

But don’t you worry gals, they’ve still got the beauty stocked in yellow, navy and brown… so there’s still a chance to get your hands on one. 

I love all the new additions I’ve collected recently, each one has a special little place in my wardrobe and ones which I feel will be brilliant staples within it too. Each piece is gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear them,

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  1. These clothes are all absolutely gorgeous! I have to say I'm particularly in love with that denim pinafore and it was definitely worth it, really suits you xo

    1. Thank you girl! I just think little denim dresses are perfect for summer (especially for wearing to Sixth Form too)! x

  2. Oh my god I'm in love with all of these pieces! So so so cute. That bag is just stunning. I've been after one like that for ages. I need it xx

    Lauren |

    1. I feel like little bags are just so perfect! Especially for summer days when your busy, rushing out the door with only the essentials of keys, money and phone!! I'd recommend this little beauty or there are similar in Accessorize for pretty cheap! xx

  3. Replies
    1. So cute! Topshop designers are on it right now!! xx

  4. i love the ruffled red top! such a fun piece for summer! <3

    1. Yes, so summery- a complete timeless staple I feel! xx


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