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Today I wanted to talk to you about one of my favourite apps- Pinterest. I am a complete Pinterest-addict and will spend hours scrolling through the perfectly pretty pictures, making my own if-only boards and seeking inspiration for basically any area of life. However, I feel a lot of people don’t use/ understand Pinterest, so today I thought I’d write a blog post all about how I use it.

I use Pinterest for inspiration, motivation and as a time-filler for those spare moments waiting at the bus stop. The app lets you pin images of a whole bunch of things onto your own boards.

Creating your boards is really simple- and something I am addicted to- so all your pins are in easy to reach sections. You can also create ones that are not public, so you can pin away inspiration for gifts and surprises.

Unlike google images, Pinterest is filled with Instagram-perfect pics, so finding that perfect image (of whatever you are looking for) is easy.

Personally, I use this app for homework and subject inspiration. For example, I have whole boards dedicated to textiles and art, which gave me loads of ideas over GCSEs. I also use them as a way of inspiring my wardrobe, baking list and as motivation to tidy/ redo areas of my room.


Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, seems to be on the same page as I with Pinterest, as she pins all the time. She pins a range of things from office spaces to seasonal creations, and they all make me ogle at the gorgeous-ness. I’d definetly recommend following her if you arnn’t all ready because Zoe is, really, the queen of the app.

I also follow a board called Room Goals by a girl called Paignton from bedroom inspiration. I love using Pinterest to get ideas for my room and most things this girl posts ends up being on one of my boards or another. Everything looks so bloody beautiful- it makes me want to re-do my bedroom 100 different ways.

Quotes. If you’re feeling low of un-motivated, I always find discovering uplifting quotes so helpful for a boost. Pinterest is filled with old and new quotes, all displaying is curvy calligraphy and picturesque prints. If you were ever looking to have a print for your room, Pinterest is filled with free images you can enlarge and print off. I also follow a lot of ‘Daily Quotes’ boards, so my home page is always filled with positive thoughts.

Fashion. An obvious one but a key one. Pinterest is filled with outfit ideas and DIY looks. If I’m ever lost for style inspiration or am unsure about purchasing a certain garment, I always search and pin for fashion ideas. There are loads of boards you can follow based on fashion, and I also find it really motivational from a bloggers point of view.

Room inspiration. I have always loved my room and home d├ęcor, so Pinterest does nothing but feed this desire to live in a perfect –always tidy- den. If I am ever redecorating my room, or certain areas (i.e desk), I will look to my board for ideas and dream plans. Okay, my room may never look like the images, but it will always give me layouts I can personalise myself.

Scrapbooking. I am also a keen scrapbooker. In the past I have done project life, and now continue to keep a scrapbook of my year(s). However, I love being creative with it and making unique pages with my photos. My scrapbooking board is constantly updated with crafty plans so the next layout I create is completely different from the ones before. It is one of my favourite hobbies, so the board is also one of my most-loved and used.

I have plenty more boards too, from travel to hairstyle ideas, along with the ones I keep private (like present ideas).

The fact is, I love Pinterest, and know many of my fellow bloggers will too. If you have Pinterest, or are getting it, leave your usernames down below and I’ll check them out. If you’d like to go follow me, or any of the boards I have talked about, I’ll link it here.

Thank you my lovelies for reading this post- I thought it was something a bit different but fun. Have a brilliant week and I’ll see you Friday. 

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  1. I love using Pinterest for inspiration! Your boards look lovely so I'll have to go over and give you a follow now!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It's an addiction but I love it!! Lydia Eve xx

  2. Pinterest is one of my favourite sites, I'm definitely gonna have to check out some of the people you follow. x


    1. They're fab! Pinterest is full of great pinners and boards that make me want EVERYTHING! Lydia Eve xx

  3. I got a pinterest account a while a go but just didn't start using it! So many people have said I would love it and this post has encouraged me to take another look, thank you! xo

    1. Get the phone app, that's when you suddenly find time to endlessly scroll! Hope you have more luck! Lydia Eve xx

  4. I also have Pinterest, but I keep forgetting about it, so I rarely use it, but I find it extremely helpful when I'm looking for gift or decorating ideas.:) Now I might have to follow you,because your boards look gorgeous! x Fanni

  5. This was so interesting! Going to go follow you on pinterest now xx

  6. I'm addicted to Pinterest so much so I've pinned nearly 90,000 pins haha and I have over a million followers on there so I don't feel like my procrastinating is pointless at least! Love your boards xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


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