Summer Wishlist

Like a typical girl, I have a little bit of a shopping addiction. Shopping days are my favourite things to do with friends, but when I'm not out shopping- I'm probably compiling my mental wishlist. With summer in touching distance now, I thought I'd share with you the bits I've been lusting after recently.

So let’s start with a pair of jeans that have had their place firmly on my wishlist for quite a while. It seems absolutely everyone has the Topshop Jamie jeans- that is everyone but me. I’ve had a pair of black Leigh jeans since January but have been really wanting some blue denim Jamies. And, as I start Sixth Form come September, I know that these jeans will get so much wear over the next few months. Not forgetting, they'd get plenty of wear on the dreary dull days we get in the great British summer. Yet, Topshop jeans aren't a blase purchase, so, for now, they stay set on my list of wants. 

However, with my summer holiday literally round the corner, I have also been looking for some more special summer bits. When I saw this ornate tribal embellished crop top on the Pull&Bear website, I fell in love. I think this would look perfect with a denim skirt or summer shorts (like the ones I’ve listed later) but have never wanted to splurge online. I also feel, as Pull&Bears sizing is always a little bizarre, it may not turn out to fit as nicely as it does on the model featured on the website- yet that wouldn’t stop me trying it on in store… and probably buying it.

A swimsuit is also an obvious summer staple and I fell for this monochrome Topshop swimsuit. In fact, I have already bought it. Nonetheless, I wanted to feature it as it was on my wishlist for a fair while. The swimsuit is so flattering and makes me-who is extremely self-conscious in swimwear most the time- feel happy wearing it. I needed to size up in this though, as the cup size was a little off, but apart from that, I love it, from the open back to the cut out on the chest. It is a tad pricy, but I feel it will last well and is a classic swimwear piece.

June has also held the release of the much-loved Zoella ‘Sweet Inspirations’ range. Now I have already treated myself to the fragrance, but (as I’ve never actually tried any of the fizz bars) I really want to try the Le Fizz. However, with a lot of summer shopping becoming rather expensive now, I know I probably won’t buy it until I’m having a spend-y kind of day.

I’m going away twice this summer- once to Turkey and once to Spain- so am also buying a few travel essentials. This is why when a) I started thinking of travel ‘bits’ I probably didn’t need but needed and b) saw the Cath Kidston sale was on, I spotted this navy floral passport holder. On the second trip, I'm going on this summer, I am actually going to have responsibility for my passport as well, so feel I may be able to find it more easily if it's wearing a cute floral case...

It is dangerous to have the Asos app in a lunchtime at work. It is why I have recently begun ordering bits from their site so often and have stayed more updated with new releases. I loved this denim cut out shirt, I felt it was an interesting piece to style and thought the model looked amazing. Yet, it’s not something I NEED currently, and it’s definitely not screaming summer at me, so it will stay on my list of wants for now.

Then, again with that blooming Asos app, I also spotted this gorgeous summer dress. Although it’s blue- which is completely out of my comfort zone- I love the style of it. I am also in need of some dresses for summer but particularly my holidays- to wear in the evenings or day time. However, with a plunging neckline and bold colour, it is a bit of a statement. I am tempted though.

To round it all off, I’ve picked out some black crochet shorts- this pair from New Look. What I’ve found for the last few years is that I’m not a denim shorts wearer. Although I do wear them, I don’t feel they suit or flatter me. There are so many styles of shorts these days, and I’m drawn to the crochet-style ones that have been popping up left, right and centre, so I feel these- or something similar- may make me summer short-list.

There are always 101 things on my want list, and then I go shopping and adding another hundred onto that. I will never buy everything that is on it, but enjoy writing these chatty fashion posts. I’d love to know which was your favourite item and what is on your current wants, so please let me know in the comments. Also, I've just got twitter (@_LydiaEve_) for blogging updates, so please go follow me and I'm sure to follow back!

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