Travel With Me: Hand Luggage Essentials

I am one of those strange people who really enjoys packing. I’m off on my holibobs in just a few days, so today, I thought I’d share with you what’s in my hand luggage. I love these kinds of posts and videos, but I’m going to do one that’s a little more realistic (no face-mask mania for me) as I show you my hand luggage essentials.

My hand luggage bag this year is this simple black backpack from Asos. This bag has so much room and is comfortable to wear, so ideal for long plane journeys.

The key things for your hand luggage to have are things that will keep you entertained. With dragging delays and long flights, it is important that you pack enough- but not too much- so you stay interested throughout. For me, this means my current book as I love to read to fill time- I am currently addicted to Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You. I also pop in my adult colouring book, which is the Secret Garden book, and some stabilo 68 pens (my favourite felt tips) as I love a bit of relaxing colouring and travelling is an opportunity when I actual time to do it.

I also like to put in some treats to eat for the journey. If you’re not a fan of plane food or are only on a short flight, it can be nice to take some snacks and avoid high airport prices. For a healthy option, I put in my new loves that are Special K chocolate biscuit moments and I also chose some naughty digestive bites (which are obviously a tad more delicious).

For liquid-y bits, I take the basics. For me, this means lip balm- the Nivea essential one, hand cream- Soap & Glory’s Hand Food which I had left over from a previous trip, hand sanitiser- Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush and some mini sun creams for when I get to my destination.

Music is a must, so I placed in my iphone and headphones. A top tip of mine is to put your headphones in some kind of case or tiny purse. This way, they don’t get tangled or lost, and are easy to find for the flight.

Other essentials for me include some fuzzy socks, for comfort, my passport- which is currently dressed in this cute Cath Kidston floral holder, sunglasses and any other information you might need for the flight.

What is your top essential for a longer flight? As always, let me know in the comments! Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you on Friday, 

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  1. I loved reading this and I'm definitely going to take some inspo from it for my own hand luggage when I go away myself. Hope you have a fab time on holiday! x


    1. I has a lovely time thank you! Posts like this always get me excited for going away! Lydia Eve | xx

  2. Love the lil' treats you've got packed in there! x
    Morgan |

  3. I have the secret garden colouring book XD and me before you is such a lovely book! I couldn't put it down! They are some great things to pack in your hand luggage! x

    Victoria |

  4. I want to buy some colouring books for holiday so I might try the Secret Garden one, lovely post xx


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