July's Favourite Things

Somehow July has been and gone, along with the first few weeks of my time off school. CRAZY. Anyway, today I thought I'd catch you up on all the things I've been loving, from fashion to films, bloggers to beauty.


Since breaking up for summer, I have been loving simply wearing my own clothes. Some stand out items have been my black crochet shorts and new Jamie jeans. Another favourite has to be my new Topshop swimming costume I chatted about in this post

With England actually being quite sunny recently, along with my holiday, I have also been loving my round River Island Sunglasses. I like how these are a little bit different, whilst still seeming quite classic. Plus, anything that covers my bare face in the sun must be good- right?

My holiday also introduced me to buy floppy felt hat, perfect for hidding tired eyes and a sunburn head. I loved wearing this whilst away, and I feel this Primark one was a good deal compared to the prices of some of the Topshop and H&M versions. 

I have also been obsessed with these tan New Look sandal heels. I picked these up a few weeks back, as I wanted a pair of more casual and comfy heels- which these 100% are. I think they're perfect for summer evenings and they were also a bargain.


One of my favourite makeup items this month has been this Max Factor lip liner in the shade Mauve Moment. It is basically a warm browny nude and looks lovely on the lips. My only gripe with this is since sharpening it, is seems to have lost it's softness, but the actual product is lovely. 

The only shade I have worn on my nails this month has been this, the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day in Rose Poudre. I love the subtly of this colour but in some lights, it can still be quite bold. It is a great polish that lasts well and the colour is so easy to wear.

This month I fell back in love with my Loreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. I had fallen out with this as the shade I had seemed too dark, so when buying the colour which was right for me, I re-discovered how good it would be. 

In these summer months, the last thing I want to do is make myself feel hotter- so pulling off all my makeup with a hot cloth is somewhat less inviting. Although I love my Liz Earle and use it weekly still, I have been opting for this simple Garnier Micellar water for removing makeup. It works really well and feels quite refreshing too.


This month seemed to be the Tangle Teaser appreciation month. For some reason, my hair is being a bit of a madam at the moment. It's been so dry and in dier need for a good few inches off (the split ends are baaaadddd), but my tangle teaser has done it's best to make me look presentable- i hope! If you have thick hair, like me, I'd definitely recommend it

In the shower, my new fav has been the Original Source moisturising shower milk in the coconut lime scent. I bought this for my holiday and found it to be so hydrating and refreshing. It's also really cheap and cheerful, so a nice little treat when doing the weekly shop (or getting your mum to buy it if you're me!!).

I have been loving reading this month. GCSE revision leaves little time and energy for reading, so I was so excited to get back into it. I may do a review on the Me Before You series of books, so let me know if you'd be interested. However, it has been generally nice to have time to get stuck into a book.

This month, I have also had the time to watch a few films, and watched and adored Hunger Games Mockingjay (both parts)- which I was surprised at seeing as I wasn't the biggest fan of the other films in the series- and a film I came across on Amazon Prime called Man Up. Man Up has Simon Pegg in it and is just a funny romance which feels more realistic and out there all at the same time- worth a watch I'd say!


So, let's finish up with food. First, Special K Biscuit Moments, tasty snap biscuits- that come in a range of flavours- and are tasty AND low calorie. I love to have them as a snack or with lunch, they're yummy.

On the other end, where biscuits are unhealthy, I also discovered the Digestive bites you can now get- highly yummy and addictive. Easy to finish a whole packet. In Five Minutes. I am also ensuring I don't buy them so I don't gobble them all up!


My favourite blogger of the month has been Ellie from Petiteelliee. Her outfit posts are to die for and she is so interesting. I'd really recommend you check out her blog, she chats about clothes, makeup and all that's in between (my favourite kinda blogger).

I have also loved writing and creating all my holiday-themed blog posts, from packing my Hand Luggage to showing my Summer Holiday Lookbook.

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  1. The nail polish colour is so pretty, going to go check out Ellie's blog now xx

  2. Lovely post - you should try the new Garnier Micellar Water, it is oil infused and gets make up off like an absolute dream, smells lush too!

    Great blog!

    Chloe x


  3. Lovely post - you should try the new Garnier Micellar Water, it is oil infused and gets make up off like an absolute dream, smells lush too!

    Great blog!

    Chloe x



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