Chat: Prom & Ending Exams

The last few days have been a jumble of emotion. I’ve had my last exam, prom, my first free weekend from revision and now a strange and odd occurrence that is free time. However, I’m off on holiday in just a couple of days and have a sixth form induction day (already, I know) to keep me on my toes. So today, I thought I’d chat it out and do a little run down on what’s been going on lately and what’s coming next.

To finish exams felt amazing. My last one was physics, on Wednesdays 22nd, and when I closed that paper I was so relieved it was over. Exam season is a bitch, a combination of immense stress, guilt, tears, hatred, and tiredness. Life became a routine, where every day was jammed with more and more to revise. So, when it all ended, I couldn’t believe it. Some days exams seemed to drag on so much, but on others, they had felt to have flown by.

After a slice-of-chocolate-cake sized reward, I came home and tided. I am normally a clean bean, but my room replicated something from obsessive-hoarders during exams. I spent my afternoon catching up on crappy TV and sorting (and binning) out revision. It was a great moment when I could see my floor again.

Prom was a wonderful night. I was half super excited and half filled with tears but, apart from a few stress-y tears during makeup, I loved it from start to end. It sounds cheesy, but I felt beautiful and every else looked it too. It was incredible to share the experience with my year at school, to commemorate all the hard work and to-basically- just dance off all the stress of the past year. The night was amazing, followed by an overnight after party that meant I actually went to bed at 6am.

Revision burning was next- a process I feel everyone should experience. Now, as a conscious fire hater, I was rather stressed out, but it felt so good to see the Truman Doctrine burn. Along with this, I had another lovely night out with my best friends- what more could I want.

Now, it’s summer for me and, although the 9 week off break is a little daunting, I can’t wait. I have two holidays abroad planned, along with a week’s volunteering and I’m sure a lot more in between! I can’t wait to be able to spend more time with the people I love again (friends and family), as well as catching up on my hobbies that got pushed back. I’m excited to have the time for blogging again and I’m feeling so motivated and creative for the next few months.

Summer is finally here, and I can’t wait to see what it will bring.  

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  1. I enjoyed this post! You all look stunning :)

  2. Congrats on finishing your exams and hope you had a good time at prom, you looked stunning! x


  3. You looked absolutely stunning! I did a similar post about my prom on my blog!
    Katie xx


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