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When I was away, I started to see my blog in a whole new light. I decided there was more to my writing than just lipsticks and shoes, there was a purpose that I wanted to write for. There was meaning to it. The new series My Thoughts On will embody this, as I look to investigate and talk about some of the bigger topics that are relevant to me now. I feel that our platform has so much power, and I would love to put it to some use.  

When I was thinking about my first topic- it was quite simple to choose really. Feminism is a hot topic right now, both publically and in my own life. I’ve become more and more exposed to the movement and I find the topic simply enriching and fascinating. So here are My Thoughts On Feminism.

I planned to do this post and initially I kept putting it off. Although I felt truly inspired by the topic, fuelled by a need to bounce it around our little community, I really struggled with writing the post. I felt like who was I to have the right words? I felt pressured about fully educating myself first, so I was completely in the loop- but that’s not what I started this series for. I wanted to discuss the topic with my honest views, not as someone I’m not.

And the silly thing is, I simply believe anyone can be a feminist. You don’t have to have a degree, or fight in a protest. Not anymore. Feminism for me, is more about the mindset that comes with it all, the simply belief in full equality.

And that’s what I see feminism as: equality. It is described in the dictionary as ‘The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’, and I feel most people just hear the first five words and forget that the fight for rights is to reach equality.

I feel when talking about Feminism, it is hard to detach it from the poisoned connotations of angry man-hating women. Unfortunately the word simply clings to stigmas and wrong attitudes, symbols of women that want a man-free world. Feminism is, indeed, a fight for rights, but that’s because even now, we live in a world where there is an ingrained inequality based just on your gender- not because women should be ruling the roost.

As a girl growing up, I should not have to feel I will succeed less because I’m a girl, get paid less because I’m a girl, be asked to dress differently because I’m a girl, be spoken to differently because I’m a girl- I should not be treated differently because I’m a girl. In the same way I wouldn’t stand it for my race, religion or identity.

We seem to think we live in an equal world, but we’re not quite there. There are still backward attitudes and deep-seated issues- take the famous Legsit headline that recently hit the UK press.
For example, take the inspirational and incredible woman Emma Watson. A woman who used her platform to speak out, which started a new revolution of feminism, one that spoke to men and women in the HeForShe campaign. And yet, what she received was a backlash of hating comments about her inappropriate feminism. As recently as the press following her role in Beauty And The Beast, in an interview with Vanity Fair, it was implied she couldn’t ‘have tits’ and be a feminist- a stupid and ludicrous idea that only highlights the misunderstanding of the movement.

But I feel there’s hope for the new wave of feminism. The idea of feminism is a popular concept talked about at the moment, from slogan tees to current celebrity indorsement. It seems to be having its moment. People can more easily make their identity, access the ideas and understand what it’s about. And although there’s a danger that it will be more of a fad than anything else, the message is getting out there and that is key in itself.

I feel, there is a fine line with Feminism that can cause a few problems. As we are living in an unbalanced society, it is important that we give women and girls that bit of extra support so the balance is righted. However, the issue is when others view it as a push to only support women, which creates more separation than equality.

I have been a Rainbow, Brownie and Guide as part of Girlguiding UK, and this was one way I felt fully encouraged as a girl. I feel it is units and clubs like this that will help to equalise society but giving girls the support they need to thrive. I could show my confidence, my leadership, my sense of humour, whilst being surrounded by so many other amazing and inspiring girls. This was the community that I needed, a safe place away from pressures that focused on the amazing ability of girls.

I am also really encouraged by powerful women: women at the top of their game, their career- the women that are doing so much work to help other women and girls do exactly the same. I recently listened to the ASOS podcast These Four Walls which was based at the Women Of The World festival in London, a festival that focuses on incredible women. Guests included djs, bloggers, actors; a whole bunch of ‘badass feminists’. Even though this is an extreme example of sharing the topic of feminism, I feel it is vital that women and girls can be inspired by it.

So I am a feminist, or at least to a certain extent. There is inequality in our current society, just glance back to the events that occurred over the US election only months ago, and I don’t agree with that. Simple as that. Everyone should have equal rights.  

I want the My Thoughts On posts to have a certain interactivity to them, but also be something that is thought out- not so much like a tag.  So I’m gonna make it a follow on, where I will nominate one blogger to follow mine up, discussing their ideas on the subject and then it’s up to them to pass it on again. If you want to join in, write your own posts with the #mythoughtson.

So the first blogger to be my nominated gal is the amazing Kathryn Monkcom, one of my favourite fellow bloggers who I know you will love. She chats about everything from style to makeup, and her blog photography and look is stunning!! So look out- her post will be on its way.

I can’t wait to see bloggers come together to talk about such interesting and influential topics.

As this is the first My Thoughts On post, I would really appreciate feedback. I’d love to hear what you enjoyed, or any advice or tips. I’d also love it if we could share the topic, or any thoughts/ feedback you have on twitter with #mythoughtson or #mythoughtsonfeminism.

Thank you so much my lovelies,

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  1. Hi Lydia, this was beautifully written and so inspiring! My post will be up next Saturday on, so keep an eye out for that x

    1. Thanks girl! I cant wait to see your post too! Lydia x

  2. A really great post! It's so good that us girls are speaking out about this now on a mass scale x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty 

    1. I agree! We're all finally speaking up, and about time too! If we want an equal world, we have to do something to get there! xx

  3. I'm so happy to see you have a blog post on Feminism! I too have been nervous to write about the topic as so many people have negative perceptions & I feel like I need to fully educate myself to fight the backlash I may get! You've inspired me to think more about this! great post x

    1. Sadly, feminism does cling to negativity, but personally I've never understood why. At school, it seems almost a crime to say your a feminist, or that you agree with feminism- WHO DOESNT WANT AN EQUAL WORLD right? Thanks gal xx


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