So it’s been a month and a little bit, which means it’s time for MOODBOARD #2- a little visual summary of my upcoming month and the things I’ve been enjoying right now. There’s a bit of fashion, life bits and a sneak peek into this month’s #mythoughtson…

1. Lately, my ‘Room Inspiration’ Pinterest page has become one of my most-viewed interest tabs. I have just been obsessed with getting some new bedroom inspo- and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that Pinterest-worthy room right? Plus there is the possibility that I may be redecorating this year, so I guess it is proactive to get some ideas going now?
I adore the much-loved greyish pink colour scheme (as you’d be able to tell from my 101 rooms that match this), as well as little quirky bits like the light-bulb fairy lights and pompom cushions and throws I’ve featured on the board. If you’re interested in checking out my Pinterest, I’ll link my Room Inspiration Board here.

2. So, after last month’s My Thought On, based on the topic of feminism, I’m excited to write up the next instalment. This month, I’ve decided to do it on the subject of ethical fashion. I have become very interested in ethical brands and the whole topic really, so I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in June!

3. In terms of fashion, something that I’m constantly being inspired and excited by, some things I have been loving are
·         The Winchester School of Art’s Fashion and Textiles Instagram page. As it’s graduate show time for many unis around this time of year, there is a lot of exciting creatives showcasing their work, and Winchester have some students that are clearly killing it! The picture features work by @Deliacrowe, a stunning bold red exploding ruffle dress.
·         Temperly London, brand headed by designer Alice Temperly, is a label I have been ‘like’ing regularly by me this month. I find the brand is really bold whilst being effortlessly classic simultaneously. Neon stitching, daring sheer dresses and fun embroidery all seems to be uniting their current collection, and I’m in love!
·         Also popping up on my big board is work by Kath_rinrin. She has been creating some really complex and interesting embroidery on pieces based on marine life and fish. I think her work is very unique and niche, but really nice and worth checking out!

4. April and May are pretty much the crappiest months of the year because of those things we love called EXAMS. On a serious note though, I couldn’t write up this month’s moodboard without referencing exams, it wouldn’t even be close to a representation of my life right now if not. It’s been a painful mix of calculating, memorising and stress, and I’ve still got a handful of exams to go. So most of my life has been spent revising at a desk lately- snacking on Hobnobs and hoping the questions go my way. Good luck to any of you lovelies doing any exams at the moment!!

5. This month, I stumbled across the new series of Suits. I fell in love with Suits the first time I came across it last year, watching the whole season in only a few weeks. So when I found there was a whole new batch of episodes, I was pretty damn happy (although my revision brain was probably not). If you haven’t seen Suits, it a drama about lawyers in America and it is just brilliant, really interesting, dramatic and filled with rather lovable characters- and it’s fair to say this recent series was pretty explosive!

And there’s me in a moodboard, pretty much! I love creating these posts, I find them really fun and creative- let me know what you think of the new series!! Thanks for reading my lovelies,

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  1. I think moodboards are a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and they can be quite inspirational too! Hope the rest of your exams go well, and have a great weekend :) xx

    Velvet Blush


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