I always think it’s the little things in life that make me happy- things like cosy autumn evenings, the Apprentice and putting on my makeup in the morning. In the recent months, I have mixed up my room a bit and have come up with my own little dressing-table-like setup… and I love it.
I always love finding out about people’s makeup storage and room decoration, so I thought I’d share this new setup with you.

I feel it’s part of any girls dream to have a pretty dressing table for getting ready in the morning. I too have Pinterest boards filled with pretty vanity picks and this summer I decided the days of sat-on-the-floor makeup mornings were over.

Sadly, I soon realised that an actual dressing table wasn’t going to happen. Not only would I struggled to position it in my long but narrow room, but I wouldn’t be able to incorporate it with a desk.

When I study, I spew my shit everywhere- I need space to work. I soon realised that trying to squeeze my study space into the same place, where I was going to have a dressing table, wasn’t going to happen.

So I started looking into other options, spending many an hour scrolling through blog posts and Pinterest pins. I finally decided what I wanted after seeing Rosie’s room tour. Her mirror/desk/vanity setup looked perfect and something I could easily combine with my current room. I sectioned the end of my desk and began searching for the bits and bobs that would make it just how I wanted it.

The first thing I wanted was somewhere to store my makeup bits. I have always loved the beauty of Muji storage but paying £25 for a box is both unreasonable and ridiculous. So I browsed Amazon until I found a better option. You can get some really budget bargains at places like Primark and Poundland, but I found this (£9) was a happy medium for the size and quality I wanted.

I keep all my daily makeup, plus a few extra bits, in these drawers and it makes putting my makeup on in the morning so much easier (as I can easily put my hands on the bits I need). In the bottom drawer, I all my ‘extras’ which include a mixture of lipstick, alternative mascaras and an old eyeliner. Then I have my bases on the second drawer, with foundation, concealer, powder and bronzer. The top drawer is my prettiest, with my MAC bits, mascaras and daily eyeliner.

I love how these drawers look and am really pleased with the finish look of it.

On the top of my drawers, I keep my fragrances and Estee Lauder foundation. It keeps all my favourite things all in one place.

Next I needed a mirror and I went for this one which was around £15 from the Range. I feel places like B&M, Homesense and Amazon would also do some brilliant cheap mirrors. Alternatively, you could opt for a nicer quality one but I was really happy with my choice.

My final treat was this stunning copper and glass frame which I received for my birthday. Unfortunately, I am yet to put a photo in it yet, but it is such a lovely frame so I’ve popped it onto my desk already!

To finish it all off, I put some fairy lights around the mirror, placed my makeup brushes in this small glass pot (I think that was from Homebase) and sat my little Autumn jar (a friend DIYed this for my birthday a few years back and I LOVE it) right next to the storage.

So there it all is. I am just so pleased with my DIY makeup vanity- and the best thing was it cost barely anything to create. I didn’t need new furniture or a lot of extras, and I now get to enjoy doing my makeup in my own special section every day. 

Thank you for reading my lovelies, see you next week. 

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  1. Your makeup set up and whole desk area in general is so cute- I love it! x


  2. I love your makeup setup! The drawers are really nice, I also got some from Amazon too! I really enjoy organising makeup and seeing how other people organise it x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  3. I love your photo frame! It is so lovely. I always find these posts so fascinating xx

  4. I love the mirror! It's so pretty!

    Molly |


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