Outfit: Wardrobe Staples + Fashion Documentaries

Wowee I’ve missed all this- the artistry of writing and editing a blog post- especially one which I feel so excited and inspired to write. Paired with the fact I’ve been a complete January-o-phobe this year, the last few weeks have been a mess of mock exams and little time- so I took a brief break and am finally sitting down to write.

I’ve been thinking more and more about careers and the future over the last few weeks (no wonder ‘Blue Monday’ was such a bitch). I’m not too sure why, but it just seemed natural, and I am feeling increasingly pulled towards something creative and based in the fashion industry. I am loving textiles a-level, especially my current project, and it has made me think more deeply about pursuing it as my career.

With this, I have managed to gorge out on quite my fair share of fashion documentaries in January. From background entertainment to a fully in-a-duvet-den-and-feeling-completely-ill state on my sofa, they have just been the things I’ve been obsessed with watching. There’s a nice handful over on Netflix, along with the amazing Vogue ‘Future Of Fashion’ series run by Alexa Chung on Youtube.
However, one that really stood out for me was ‘The True Cost’. It is an enlightening documentary about the dangers of ‘fast fashion’ and the darker side of the industry. It introduced you to workers, farmers and the people who our blissful shopping sprees really affect. It made me think really hard about my role in ‘fast fashion’ and I’d fully recommend giving it a watch (available on Netflix).
It basically made me think about my shopping habits and how unnecessary our need to buy every trend piece we like the look of is, particularly when we end up wearing for the season then dropping it into a charity bin.
 We’ve all done it, that top you thought you wear over and over but still has the tag, or that pair of shorts that seemed so cool at the time but it would be unthinkable to wear them now. Its natural- we all do it- but something to think over.
So I wanted to dedicate today’s post to the staple pieces in my wardrobe, an outfit I wear over and over. I love this look and all the pieces are things I wear all year round, truly getting full use from (far from the fists of fast fashion). The boots are however new, but were bought in the Miss Selfridge sale with birthday vouchers and are a pair that I feel I will wear constantly- they’re bloody stunning.

I really love how the pictures came out for this- thanks Dad- and am hoping to do even more fashion orientated posts in the future. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful weekend.

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