Spring Trends + Where To Buy Them On The Highstreet

As a textiles a-level student and someone who is generally interested and loves fashion, I always like to stay in touch with current trends. I find the whole thing fascinating and exciting, how trends are predicted months in advance and then interpreted differently by the different brands and designers. Then the shops are filled with these trend pieces, ready for our springtime wardrobes.

In today’s post I’ve summarised four of my favourite trends, with reference to my favourite designer interpretations. Then I’ve linked up a couple of options that are available on the highstreet now, ranging from shop to shop, at a variety of affordable price points. I’ve even popped in how I’d wear certain pieces and which ones are my favourite.

I was inspired to write this post by the brilliant video Lily Melrose posted last week, all about her favourite trends for SS17, but tried to incorporate different trends and more highstreet alternatives. Nevertheless the video is so worth a watch.

I’d like to disclaim that I obviously won’t be purchasing all of these pieces myself, in fact I may only get one if that. I’m a strong hater of fast fashion, whilst loving trends, so will only try and buy clothes that I know I will love and wear for years not just weeks. I feel this is very important to consider to avoid the issues and pollution that fashion can lead to as an industry.

From left to right-
Glamourous at Asos, Topshop, Asos, Glamourous at Asos, Miss Selfridge

Gingham. Fashion is having a big moment for gingham at the moment, it is definitely one of the key print trends. Personally, I quite like the addition, it’s more exciting than simple overdone stripes and has an oddly nostalgic summertime feel for me. On the SS17 catwalks, names such as Molly Goddard, House of Holland and Shrimp rocked gingham in such bold and innovative way- like this trend was completely regenerated. I particularly like Emilia Wickstead’s gingham ruffle trousers, which had such an easy-to-wear feel and I’m sure will be inspiring pieces across the highstreet.  

In terms of shopping, I’m sure gingham is going to pop up everywhere in an abundance of garments and accessories. My top picks would be some of the beautiful gingham jumpsuits, particularly the range of beauties on Asos. My favourite would definitely be the first shown by Glamourous (which is a label that seems to be killing it on the gingham front right now), with the pretty tie sleeves and semi-fitted silhouette.

Nonetheless, the Topshop ruffle apron-like playsuit is so gorgeous, along with Glamourous’s big-print pink dress. Either would be perfect for spring and heading into the warmer weather, with ankle boots or white converse.  

Topshop, River Island, River Island, Glamourous at Asos, New Look

Mesh and sheer. I feel an odd bias to this trend due to my current obsession with British designer Molly Goddard- the queen of sheer, mesh and tulle fabrics. Goddard is quite popular on the fashion scene at the moment and this trend is most iconic of her work, in fact I’m sure she’s inspired it. Goddard crafts beautiful creations of modern femininity through the use of exaggerated silhouettes and puffy bunches of tulle fabric. Google her, she is an artist of design.

Yet sheer and mesh fabrics are definitely a trend this season, with Burberry, Valentino and Dior also harbouring the selection of new garments made in pure transparency. It’s a hard trend to wear I feel, but the highstreet has so many brilliant variations, you can be as revealing with it as you like.
The over-the-outfit sheer dress seems very popular and common in most shops, a bold embodiment of the trend but more of a daring option for me personally- I think I’d get odd looks wearing one to Sainsburies… Yet more playful tops, such as the one by Glamourous, allow you to play with the trend in a wearable way.

I am also loving the spot-sheer textures that River Island in particular are really playing with, I feel garments like this can be casual or easily dressed up. I can see the nude dress with a pair of ankle boots and a denim jacket as a perfect spring outfit option, a must easier way to wear the trend.

New Look, Missguided, River Island, Adidas at Asos, Topshop, Miss Selfridge

Yellow. For key colours, yellow was suggested to be one most prominent this season, popping up on the catwalks of Alexander Wang, Kate Spade, Valentino and Chloe to name a few. From neon bralets, a bold look by Alexander Wang, to the more elegant dresses of designer Erin Fetherson, yellow seems to be appearing in a assortment of shades and styles. And, as one of the colours that pops up naturally in spring, it seems like quite an obvious choice- a bright post-winter option that steers away of common pastels.

My favourite option would be New Looks shift dress as I think it is a beautiful incorporation of a more dulled down yellow. With a sheer shirt such as the one photographed, or even a flash of florals or ruffles underneath, the dress seems a much less scary attempt at yellow.

Accessories are probably the easiest way to flash some yellow though, as it is in itself a very hard colour to cope with. The Topshop cut out boots are gorgeous, and would look stunning with most spring/ summer dresses. However, both Missguided’s biker jacket and the Adidas trainers are also a more casual way to wear yellow in everyday outfits.

Topshop, Misguided, Zara, Miss Selfridge, River Island

Feature sleeves. Feature sleeves are another big hit this season and catwalk styles went exaggerated and HUGE with theirs. From bell shaped sleeves to huge puffs of fabric, designers like Ashley Williams, Marques Almeida, Chloe and Gucci seemed obsessed with the craziest most out-there sleeves.

Personally I’m not so obsessed with it all- I don’t particularly fancy having massive puffy shoulders and the bell sleeve just doesn’t excite me- nonetheless here are my top highstreet picks that are inspired by feature sleeves… just in a practical and wearable way.

My favourites are firstly the pink playsuit- pink is a hot colour right now anyway and I love the girly vibe of this. I think this is perfect for casual or formal spring events, worn with heeled boots and a belt. I also like the last little black dress, which gives a small nod to the trend through the sleeve ends. It would also be a piece that would last you years and years, rather than a flippant fast fashion fad.
So there’s my spring trend summary, with highstreet options and how I would wear them.

I would be really interested in post feedback for today’s post, to see if it was something you enjoyed and would like to see again or just a one-off. I really enjoyed putting it together, although way too many things have been added to my ASOS basket right now… (this always happens with fashion posts and wishlists).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend- I have three birthday celebrations over the weekend so bring on the tasty food and celebrations. Thanks for reading my lovelies, I’ll see you next week, 

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  1. I love gingham! As you said, it definitely has a nostalgic summer feel - plus it's so cute!

    Check out my recent?

    Alice x

  2. Mesh is my absolute favourite trend at the moment and I'm always wearing it! I've got a simple plain black mesh top and with a cute bralette under it it's just my favourite thing! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com


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