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So here I am- ten weeks later and indulging in my last smidge of summer holiday days off. It’s crazy how the time has whirled away from under my feet, how results day has been and gone and suddenly it’s time to be thrown back into the mix of things. I’m dreading it, if I’m honest, but I’m also pretty sure I’m ready too. The one perk- no crappy uniform- so today I’ve written a post about the things I’ve bought over the last few months in preparation for sixth form.

There’s quite a lot here, but I needed a lot of basic and easy-to-style things to wear day to day. I’ve been buying things and restraining myself from wearing them for months- but in just a few days I’ll be reliant on them. Most of this I’ve bought, but my Mum and Nan have picked me up a few bits too, all in preparation for the dreded ‘back to school’ season.

I mostly needed tops- so that’s the bulk of this- but I also bought some skirts, layers and accessories.


A New Look sale bargain- £5 for a basic rust rib top with a nice bit of lace. Easy to wear and perfect for autumn I feel.

Featured in my last post, an embroidered buy from Primark. I love this trend that’s going on, but I also needed some basic t-shirts- so it’s a double win I guess for £6.

Another sale pick, this time from Oasis. I love anything floral and this is burgundy so I couldn’t leave it in the shops. It was £5 I think, and is again a basic to wear and layer with.

One of my first and favourite picks is this white t-shirt from Miss Selfridge. I wanted some basic t-shirts and that’s what this one is- with a snazzy pattern on the front too. It’s so soft and will be easy on those grab-it-and-go-cause-I’m-really-late days.

Another white tee, pretty similar but a can’t-go-wrong as well. New look, £14.99 (I think), and has a bit of crochet to add as well. For when the other one is in the wash and I’m running late a few days in a row.

Bought to go with the-later-shown leather skirt, this floral New Look cami is really cute. Unfortunately, it has a weird inner layer that’s really tight in my normal size, so I had to size up and now can’t really wear it just with jeans- but it’s a stunner tucked in to a lil’ skirt anyways. 

Blue, loose and currently my favourite thing in my wardrobe, this Missguided number was quickly picked up after seeing it on 101 facebook adds and on Meg Says’s haul. I ended up sizing down in this one, and I love to wear it with skirts or flowy over jeans. I’ve worn this a handful of times and it always makes me feel really confident.


I definitely need more layers then this, heading into winter, but for now these are the one’s I’ve picked up.

The black woollen cardi is from H&M and was around £10, not too heavy and would be fine to layer up. It’s a basic but I’m sure I’ll need it by mid September.

Also in the Oasis sale was this sassy jumper-that has all those hipster vibes without making me one. This was just insanely soft and also burgundy (my second favourite colour but favourite this time of year), reduced from around £38 to £8! Not sure how much I’ll wear it but I liked it and couldn’t resist the bargain. 


I have quite a few skirts in my wardrobe already but wear them so much- far more than any jeans. These skirts are most from New Look and were £17.99. They’re faux leather (a bit of a risk for me but I have loved wearing them so far) and I got them in black- for basic everyday wear- and purple- for those autumnal vibes.


Now I’m not 100% on this one- by far the biggest purchase of my sixth form bits. This was my well-done-for-living-through-those-shitty-GCSEs,-now-let’s-show-alevels-that-they’re-you’re-b*tch present to self. It was a pricy item, but seems such good quality and is something I hope I’ll wear non-stop. It’s from River Island and is black denim, a-line in shape (which is my favourite and most flattering style). I think I’m going to be brave and keep it, but until I’m sure the label is staying on….


Okay, I’m obsessed. Although I used to HATE back-to-school shopping, the pain of it always ending with soooo many tears as a child, I seem to have gone right back to my primary school youth with these. I really wanted so ‘schoolgirl’ t-bar shoes and these patent one from the Teen section of New Look and the best ones I’ve found and they’re beautiful. The Teen shoes always seem to be brill for me, coming in sizes 1-7 (and also being a bit cheaper too), and I’ve only these only a few days and have worn only them.

I’ve had these New Look boots since January but since recently getting a huge-ass hole in them, I instantly replaced them (and woohoo they still had them). I wear my black boots so much, and will even more in autumn, as well as to work- so I knew I’d need them for sixth form.

Yep, I bought a watch. I’ve been trying to build my accessories collection recently and just really wanted this. I don’t want to have to rely on my phone for 100% of the day and, as I am one of those people who always need to know the time, decided to get this pretty rose gold and black New Look number.

Lastly, a complete basic- socks. This 5 pack of trainer socks is from H&M and caught my eyes at the till because two pairs and bloody floral! Okay- I’m addicted to clothing with flowers on, but until I crack out my crimbo socks- I actually needed these (so I can justify this perfectly).

I realise now that most my haul is either New Look, always good and affordable clothes, or floral, I just bloody love it, or both- but hey I hope you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to do some sixth form fashion-y posts in the future too, so let me know if you have any requests?

Thanks for reading my lovelies and I just like to say that with the end of summer comes the end of two blog posts a week. Now, I’ll be going back to just my Friday posts for a bit so I can, you know, manage to study and do the hit-tones of homework I’m gonna get,

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  1. I love the black New Look boots, it's such a shame your old ones got a hole in them! Good luck with sixth form, it'll go so quick so try to make the most of it! x

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. I know- I'm half looking forward to it now and half scared! They are fab boots- which is why I wore them to death... Thanks lovely, Lydia Eve xx

  2. I love all the clothes you bought, especially the boots from New Look! Have a good time starting sixth form! x


    1. I was really pleased with both bits of footwear actually- and I know they'll get sooo much wear. Lydia Eve xx

  3. I love that pinafore, I recently bought one for when I go to uni later this month. I find pinafore are so easy to wear and because mine is slightly big around the waist, I can put cute jumper on underneath too (definitely try that look with yours as I think it's such a cute little outfit). Lovely post and good luck in sixth form!

    Tabitha x

    1. I have wanted one in this style for an age- I just love the look a pinafore gives! Good luck for uni this year! Lydia Eve xx

  4. Hope you have fun at sixth form! I love the blue loose shirt, the colours are so nice xx

    1. It's one of my favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment! Lydia Eve x

  5. I love the pinafore, it's super cute! Xx

    1. I know- although I do feel a bit like a primary school kid! Lydia Eve x


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