St Ives Photo Diary: A Weekend And A Wedding

A weekend in St Ives, Cornwall. Scattered with sunshine and the beautiful Cornish landscapes, last weekend was one of the most enjoyable mini-breaks I’ve ever been on. My whole family went for the break in a small seaside villiage called Carbis Bay- a short way from St Ives- for my aunts wedding. It was honestly such a lovely time, both the days spent together and the wedding. So here is a montage of my favourite photos from the weekend and a little summary too.

If you are thinking of planning a trip in the UK, I’d completely recommend the St Ives area. Filled with family-owned pasty-making backerys, quaint beaches and sunshine that seems to always gleam, St Ives has all the beauty and charm necessary.

Carbis Bay is stunning, but the village is limited (often used as a wedding venue). However, as it is just a short cheap train away from St Ives, it actually makes it a lovely area to stay away from the busy St Ives town. The coastline is so breath-taking and the rural area feels like a hidden gem in the undergrowth.

We stayed in an apartment at the Sandy Lane complex, shared with my parents and grandparents. 

St Ives is also gorgeous. I loved the feel of the town, the winding streets that always take you somewhere beautiful- a picturesque backstreet or forgotten beach- and the quirky shops you can dip in and out of. I’d also recommend the coast-side Hub burger bar- insane portions and a delicious post-wedding meal. 

At my aunts wedding, I was a bridesmaid for the first time. I wore a beautiful silver-toned lavender dress and has my hair in a plaited crown. I loved it. The day was perfect, topped off by my cousin Rose (their daughter) filling the day with cuteness as she toddled around in her princess-like dress… and golden converse.

To top it off, it was blazing sunshine all of the wedding day. I can’t wait to see how the beach photos will turn out.

So there it is. What a weekend. Filled up to the brim.  I had a brilliant time, spent with the people I love the most, reflecting on how beautiful and precious life can be. Thanks for reading my lovelies,

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  1. Looks so beautiful! xo

  2. It looks so nice and sunny! Glad the wedding went well xx


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