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The past few weeks have been a mishmash of days at sixth form, working weekends and that odd lull of in-between time. It’s gone past the snug of winter and Christmas, but we’re still miles away from the BBQs and freedom of summer- with only the ‘joys’ of exams marked in the calendar. It’s meant to be spring- but the weather is still shit and the rain catches me out most days (where is this spring sunshine?).

However, within all the dreary days of the past few weeks, there has also been a lot of things I’ve loved- and it’s often the little things that can make your day.


One of my favourite purchases of the year so far is my little bag from Accessorize. I had wanted a new bag for weeks, and fancied something that was a little more statement that my boring black sidebag. This burgundy ‘camera bag’ is the perfect small bag, split into two zipped sections. I love to wear it with a mostly neutral outfit to just add something. It’s beautifully made, can fit all the bits I need, and is a bargain at £19. There is however also a red version… and I want it…


I am also in the midst of Lent, where I have sacrificed my two loves in life- coffee and chocolate. I see Lent as a personal challenge, but blimey it’s hard and I crave a cup of coffee every day. Nonetheless I’ve stuck by it so far- through all the cake days at school too.
I have also been trying to be a little more healthy, with a Easter holiday on the horizon, so have been trying to find some treats to fill the gap and be a bit more healthy.

I’ve tried Nakd bars time and time again, but never found one that I really love- but the Nakd Backwell Tart bars are soooo good. Made from goodies like dates, cashews and raisens, they’re just over 100 calories each but taste like a Backwell Tart itself. I love them as Sixth Form snacks, or for a home-time treat too.

The Eat Natural yogurt and apricot bars are another healthier food fav of mine. They’re a little more naughty than Nakd bars, but a really yummy and fruity treat!

But my favourite food find of the last few weeks has been Biscoff biscuit spread- YOU NEED TO TRY THIS. This is the most tasty thing ever and I shamelessly go to my jar armed with a teaspoon. I had this on my pancakes on pancake day, smother it on banana bread- ohhh it’s good.


The Intern is a brilliant and warming film. I watched this on a day where I was a particularly soppy mess, having seen it only once before, and it just made my heart feel warm. It’s so worth a watch if you want a feel-good film.

I bought my best friend this Q&A a day book for her birthday- but got one for myself too. I love diary writing but when it’s an enjoyment rather than a chore. I liked the idea of a question to answer every day, a simple way to capture myself at that time. I also mix and match, answering some days but not others. I hope one day I can fill it all up across my life, as I think this would be such a lovely way to hold memories.

Daffodils are my favourite flowers and I spring I seem to have a bunch non-stop (…thanks mum). Yellow is my favourite colour, and scream the springtime sunshine we’re all craving. Plus you can get a bunch in most places for around a pound, so worth it for how happy they make me feel everytime I look at them.

My last favourites have been on Netflix. I have been obsessed with the show How To Get Away With Murder- I digested this within weeks. It’s full of drama and intrigue, developing characters and that cliff-hanger that brings you back everytime.

On the other end, I have Project Runway- a fashion and design competition show and it is so good- America’s Net Top Model meets the Great British Sewing Bee. I may also have binged watched this recently…

What have you been loving and enjoying lately? Any recommendations of things I may like- I’d love to know in the comments! Thanks for reading my lovelies, I’ll see you next week, 

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  1. I love the eatnatural bars xD

    Lovely pictures!


    1. Thanks and I know- tasty but healthier treats!!

  2. That biscoff spread sounds amazing!!! How have I never tried that before! I've been loving watching Riverdale on Netflix this month! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. Ohh I've heard that's meant to be a good programme! You should try it- sounds a bit weird but is like 100 times better than nutella or anything like that!! x

  3. That bag looks super cute! The Q&A a day book sounds like such a great idea x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know- they have it in a few colours too (I basically want the whole range) and the Q&A book is my perfect kinda diary! x


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