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Bath is a beautiful English city settled in the heart of Somerset. From the cobbled streets to historical sites, it is a place rich in culture. I am lucky enough to be not too far from this stunning place, but barely ever get the chance to visit. However, in half term I spent the day exploring and enjoying the allure of the city- so thought I would write up a post about things to do and see whilst your there.
Bath can be accessed in a number of ways, mainly through coach, bus and train. All would get you to the snug centre of town, where the life of Bath exists.

What to do

Shopping. Bath is like a better-than-Oxford-Street Oxford Street. Teeming with a variety of shops which snake around the beautiful lanes of the city, shopping is something Bath is great for. I love the way most shops are set within the original buildings, almost like you’re shopping on a street from 100 years ago- just with Topshop and all the other much-loved shops. Moreover there is also an abundance of small businesses and cute one-off shops, which are so interesting to explore into.

Fashion museum. The main reason for my recent trip was to see Bath’s Fashion Museum and it really was amazing. Whether you have a fond interest in fashion or not, it was so informative and captivating. The current exhibition takes you through 100 garments, dating back from around the 1800s, navigated by an audio guide. From the extravagant dresses to bonnets and suits, I found the 1800-1900s fashions so charismatic to see, it was like I was facing someone from the era the item was worn in! There is also a range of more current items, including items from Dior’s New Look and recent garments which have been awarded Dress Of The Year. It’s a couple of pounds to go and see but well worth it, the admition also lets you into a varying exhibition- in my case all about lace!

Abbey. Bath’s Abbey is a breath-taking building, found between the busy shops and train station. It seems to almost hide between the buildings, then suddenly pops up out of nowhere. It is just so beautiful to look at- and I’m sure even more beautiful to experience from the inside too. It’s well worth a visit, whether from the outsider’s perspective or inside too!

Baths. Bath is famous for its Roman Baths, so I have to include them. However, I have never actually been to any. Although this seems a bit shameful, I guess I will just have to make the time next time I go. If you were to visit the city though, they seem a vital place to see.

 Fashion Musuem, Bath (Plus me trying on a bonnet...)

Morning coffee and cake at BTP | Flowers | Lunch at the Bath Bun

What to eat

Jacob’s coffee house. This place is just phenomenal. Jacobs’ is a house filled with the aroma of coffee and the opulence of freshly caked cakes and sweet treats. Furthermore, you can enjoy these goodies in the higdypigdly mish-mash of rooms, chairs and tables. Jacob’s is within a small house, and you can settle down for a chat in a range of small joined rooms. It just feels like such a special place to go and very much part of the Bath-culture.

The Boston Tea Party. As I’ve spoken about in other posts, the BTP is a small range of coffee shop restaurants dotted around the UK, primarily in Somerset. This is a lovely chain as they all feel like charismatic individual coffee houses, again with a bunch of cakes and coffees. They also have a lush breakfast menu and their food is all meant to be amazing, so perhaps a place to pop in on your way around the city.

The Bath Bun. This is a small restaurant dedicated to the creation of the Bath Bun- a delicacy I am unfortunately yet to try. However it is so small and cute, a lovely place to go and eat anyway. Situated near the more famous Sally Luns café, we stumbled across the Bath Bun on the off-chance and loved it. Inside it seems all dainty and historic, whilst serving some pretty tasty grub too!

So there is my summary of Bath- all the bit’s I’d try and squish on a daytrip or break there. It is such a lovely place and I hope to see much more of it when I can. Thanks for reading my lovelies, I’ll see you next week, 

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  1. I so want to go to bath! It sounds like such a lovely place to visit and spend a few days having a good look around. I wish it was closer, but hope one day I can visit. Fab post xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's so lush honestly! Worth travelling for! x

  2. Living in Bristol, Bath is really only a short train ride away for me. I really should visit more often, it's beautiful and I love the photos you've taken! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  3. I dream of visiting the Bath spa xD


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