The Blog RELAUNCH Party

Cue the party poppers, finger food and glamour. Well maybe not. Realistically my current attempt at a party wouldn’t even result in Lidl’s frozen party treats (the uni budget killing the spirit just a tad). Yet, the thing is that after all this time, coming back to blogging seemed worth celebrating, and I’m excited.  

Writing a blog used to mean so much to me. It was my secret hobby through my teens and I got so much joy through it, from thinking up posts to running the site. At the time, it was just a hobby, but now it has really impacted both my university studies and career path, where I study Fashion Business.

I love the bigger industry, despite its faults, but still love the little things no end. And whilst I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, the ones I do read I have become dedicated to.

Unsupirisingly, Alevels were the death of my blog last time, where time and oomph were demolished. I was try to stay social, learn to drive, do well in my exams- among vast amounts of other things I really through myself into. And whilst at uni, I have half as much time (balancing studies and coursework with food shops, cooking and cleaning), the drive to write is back.

So as December rolls in, my very favourite month, I figured it was time I stopped thinking about it and actually settled down to try, letting that rusty how-the-hell-do-I-do-this mindset be muted for a while. Because the worst that can happen is I simply slip back to where I am now, I guess. 


  1. That's great that you're back - blogging can be such a great release, that's why I love it :)


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