Christmas Uni Room Decorating (On A Budget)

Once it hits November, I am always itching to decorate my room. I love bringing Christmas to my bed, turning my little square-footage into what mimics Santa’s workshop if I say so myself. And I feel like I’ve become quite talented in it. So whilst university living limits me to a small room, barely any storage space for Christmas bits, and the worst walls and curtains, nothing stopped me from decking the halls (all puns intended), and on a budget. 

Bringing stuff from home
It might sound daft to cart your Christmas decorations up in September, but that is exactly what I did and I don’t regret it one bit. The easiest way to save money is to bring what you already have, and not only does it mean you don’t have to invest in a whole new load of tinsel and baubles, but your room will feel homely as shit with your annual decorations too. My favourite additions are the baubles dotted around the room that I have been collecting, such as my Bahraini camels and Amsterdam Windmill.

Fairy lights are by far the easiest way to get festive. Sure, I have an excess- with most surfaces glowing in lights, but they just make a room so snug- especially when I’m snuggled up watching I’m A Celeb in the winter. Lights are also an affordable decoration. My latest additions are my copper wire star lights from Lidl (I know, who knew?) and were just £2.99. However, Poundland have plenty too and my oldest and most reused lights (shown strewn across the top of my room) were absolute bargains from Amazon, and have lasted years.

Get Creative
I managed to bring all of my tree decorations up from home, but no tree- and had no idea how 20 mini bells and acorns would be any use. However, getting a bit creative, with a bit of string and a few knots, I managed to create this really sweet garland/ bunting. It would be such a cheap DIY too, with decorations so cheaply available, and looks really effective and festive.

Poundland, Lidl and Wilko
It’s got to be said that value retailers really do Christmas brilliantly, with so many amazing offers allowing for a budget Christmas. Wilko also had a 3 for 2 on last time I popped in, so it's well worth a look. From tinsel and wreaths, to lights and baubles, there is plenty of festive bits that will make your uni room feel all Christmassy. Plus, so many of the bits look far more expensive, and it means you can crack out Christmas on a uni budget (because which uni students have spare cash left by December).

Decorating your bedding is another really easy way to get festive with places like Primark, Asda and Wilko offering really sweet Christmas sets. I was so gutted when I realised I’d left mine at home (I’d stripped the bed and everything). But cushions are another really simple way to decorate, where my ‘merry’ cushion helps raise the festivity just that extra touch.

So whilst I may love to go a bit OTT, whether it’s a festive mug, spicy reed diffuser or just an advent calendar, there are plenty of ways to add festive touches to a uni room (and on a budget). December is a time for decorations. 


  1. Ohh your room looks so festive and cosy! I love all the lights. It makes it look truly magical and welcoming xx

    Lauren |

    1. So sad but I had to take it down today as I'm going back home from uni! Missing the cosy lighting already! Lydia x

  2. Your room looks so cute - I think fairy lights always make any room look 100x more festive


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