Last Sunday's Spring Haul

So for some reason, today I have been feeling generally really inspired. I’m sitting here, all tucked up in my blanket, with an emptied cup of tea next to me, and I just feel that I want to write. Last weekend, I was having a bit of a stressful one and realised that I was in need of a shop. There was nothing in particular I was looking for but sometimes that feel-good feeling you get from getting the odd new thing, can really boost your mood. So, to cut a long story short, I went shopping and picked up a good bunch of things.

I began my shop at Topshop, which was a complete success. Since getting a part-time job, more expensive brands like Topshop are now in my price bracket, so I like to treat myself to some nice quality items every now and then. I began by trying on this sweet summery crop top, with what I can only describe as frilly bits on it. I tried it on tucked into my black skirt, and thought it looked so sweet and spring-y. I can’t wait to wear this now that the sun is popping out the clouds, not to mention in the summer.

Recently, I have also been trying to wear a few different items that maybe push me out of my comfort zone a little, and this jumper did this for me. I’m not really a big jumper wearer, if I’m honest, but I saw this and knew I needed it. This soft cream, high neck jumper is so perfect for the cold of spring, whilst still feeling fresh and seasonal. What I really loved about this style, was the fit. As it is a cropped jumper, I found it really flattering as it was just oversized enough to still compliment your figure. The three-quarter length arms are also a really nice detail. Although a tad pricey, I can see myself getting a lot of wear from this, and- to be honest- I can’t wait to wear it!

With those two beauties already tucked in my shopping bag, I knew that this shopping trip would be a success. The next item I got was a pair of shorts (yes, SHORTS) from Miss Selfridge. Last year, I swooned over the Miss Selfridge shorts but, as they have a £30 price tag, never splurged. As I only wear shorts in the height of summer and on holiday, I knew that I wouldn’t get the value for money. However, I’ve always loved the cute designs and good quality that the shorts seem to have. When I saw this pair in the sale, I had to try them on. As they are around a size or two bigger than I normally get, they’re a tid bit big on me, but are actually quite comfy and amazingly not that big on me (this may be why they ended up in the sale). I was chuffed to pick them up for only a tenner, so even if I don’t get too much wear from them, I’m not losing out on a big amount.

I finished up the day’s events in Boots. I had hoped to pick up a few makeup bits, but the Boots I went to was a little messy and all the testers were a bit gross, so I didn’t end up finding anything. However, just as I was about to leave, I found myself on the skincare isle, eyeing up the Soap & Glory bits. To my surprise, a load of the skincare was nearly half-price reduced! I decided to pick up a new face wash, the Soap & Glory ‘Face Soap and Clarity’, which was reduced from £8 to just over £5. I know this tube will last forever though, so it was such a good deal!

 I actually had a really sweet day out with my Nan, and was really pleased with the bits and bobs I collected. Although it wasn’t a huge amount in hindsight, I was happy with each item and, as the Topshop bits were a bit pricey, my bank balance told me to stop.

What items have you picked up lately? What additions have you been making to your wardrobe so it’s ready for spring? I’d love to have a chat about it in the comments below, I’m always interested in things like that! Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you again next week,

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  1. These are some lovely picks, good luck with your new blog. :)

    Love Maia

    1. It's always nice when you get a nice summery day to take blog photos!! Thanks Maia xx


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