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Scrubs, facewashes and cleansers- skincare both excites and boggles my mind. For a while now I’ve tried out a few products here and there (whoop whoop for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish) but I’ve found my favourite products all come from one brand- Soap & Glory.

Not only does Soap & Glory have a tasty-smelling range of bath products, great makeup items and the cutest packaging that Boots has to offer, but the brand also has an amazing skincare collection. You may be surprised at this, if you haven’t found yourself searching through the aisles in your local drugstore, because it is a range that I feel many people don’t talk about.

Nonetheless, I was sucked in by the cute names one day and actually gave a product ago. Since then, our love affair has been unstoppable and I’ve found my own little assortment of much-loved items.
One thing I’d definitely say is that if you looking for a treatment or product for under £15, that is maybe a little more effective than the under £5 options, then Soap & Glory is your gal.

The first product I ever tried was the Ultimelt- a cleanse-and-polish-like hot cloth cleanser. I actually used this WAY before my Liz Earle and it is actually a great alternative. For me, I didn’t feel it was great as a makeup-remover, but as a skin treatment it was lovely. The scent of this is quite herbal, but I found this rather comforting and relaxing. The product also comes with a muslin cloth in the pack, so is actually really good value. Sadly my tube is all finished up now, but I don’t think it will be too long before I purchase yet another cleanser…

On the subject of cleansers, one that I use most days is the ‘Peaches & Clean Cleansing Milk’. This is a cold-use cleanser and, although again I don’t use it for makeup removal, I find it so softening and refreshing on my skin. The scent of this is super sweet, and a little goes a long way, so it really is the uplifting pick-me-up I often need in my revision-filled days.

Soap & Glory also have a couple of lush face masks, and the ‘No Clogs Allowed’ is the one I’ve had for a few months. This is a product that I’m a little on the fence with, if I’m honest, as I have to be in the right mood to use it. This is one of those mind-blowing thermal masks that literally heat up your face like you’ve popped you’re head in the microwave- a weird yet oddly pleasing sensation. Some days I hate this feeling, but it does feel like it’s doing the deep clean that my teenage skin needs so other days I enjoy smothering my face with it. I’d say if you’re a skincare-lover then give this a go, just be warned things may get a little heated!

A recent purchase of mind has been a face wash that is part of the range. The ‘face soap’ is a daily exfoliating face wash that I have actually really loved. Normally I have zero effort to wash my face with anything other than water in my rushed school routine mornings, but lately I have been washing my face with this, in the shower, every day. It’s a little fruity, which I like, and the exfoliating aspect of it saves me another step in my routine- so good points all round.

Soap & Glory is one of my favourite brands, both to buy, receive and give as gifts. I feel like the brand feels far more expensive than it costs, and always seems to please. The skincare range is no different and, as anything that actually makes me want to do my skincare routine must be pretty good stuff, is something I’d honestly recommend.

Thanks for reading my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first review-like post. As always, I’d love to hear what you thought and any skincare advice and recommendations I’m always open ears for. I hope you all have a lovely sunny spring day and I’ll see you next Friday.

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