The Spring Nail Love Afair

For some reason, for the past few months I’ve has a complete love/hate relationship with my nails. Then, I picked up this pretty nude-y pink shade on a spree in Boots and I can’t stop wearing it.

I’m normally a Barry M girl through and through but, seeing this gorgeous shade at the glowing lights of the Maybelline stand, made me think twice about my loyalties.

‘Rosa Poudre’ is a warm brownish pink that looks so natural and pretty on my nails. I feel the shade really complements my skin tone and bridges the gap so nicely between natural nails and a spring pop of colour.

However, this love affair isn’t perfect. The Superstay range is meant to have a seven day un-chippable state, but I got chips after around four. To be fair, I didn’t go the full hog of using a topcoat or basecoat- but seven days it did not last. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind topping it up, but for all interested, it did disappoint when it came to the timespan.

At £4.49, the price surpasses the cheaper brands, but it is still very affordable. Also, the range online is huge, so if you fancy treating your nails to something new then I'm sure a colour will take your fancy.

I think this polish is gonna get a hell of a lot of wear over the next few weeks, as the cold spring becomes the warm summer. Whether twinkling on my toes or beautifying my fingertips, Rosa Poudre is my current favourite nail shade. 

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