A Floral Outfit And Chatty Post

So it’s Thursday and I’m enjoy the bliss of study leave, currently seated in Costa with an empty mocha and half completely chemistry mindmap. And, for some reason today, I’ve woken up with this odd sense of happiness (don’t get me wrong, I’m rarely a negative-headed person, but exams and stress have been getting me down lately, so it was a nice change).

Last week was honestly the most hectic week of my life. Although half term, time skipped away from me and I barely got time to sleep- never mind write a blog post! However, on Sunday I was home alone at my nans, and got some time to take some blog photos of an outfits I’ve recently become obsessed with and can’t wait to rock more this summer.

I wouldn’t say I have a particular style, although I mostly keep things a tad girly. Nonetheless one thing I’m always attracted to is florals (particularly florals on black). Whenever I’m shopping with my best friend, she always teases me as I add yet another floral piece to my wardrobe- but hey, I bloody love it. So, when I was scrolling through Asos and saw these super-sweet summer shorts, well I had to get them. There was also a 20% day offer which tipped me over the edge, but I know that these will get oodles of wear over the next few months!

I’m going abroad twice this summer, to Turkey with my best friend and family then Spain with a group of my favourite girlies. I cannot wait and-due to the harsh brutality that is the constant GCSE revision- retail therapy seems to be the only way I can feel closer to the sunshine and sandy beaches.
However, I am that girl who gets a little self-conscious in the sun, when skin is shown and shorts expose my rather chubby thighs (although, they’re part of me so I gotta love them). Therefore, I like to have outfits I know I’m going to feel comfy and confident in, and this outfit is gonna be one of those go-tos.

Top- New Look
Shorts- Asos
Shoes- Converse

As I seem to have moodswings with denim shorts, I really wanted to get myself some fabric ones, like these, as they are looser and more flattering. A little warning would be that these are a slight bit short, but with the adorable pom-pom trim- I couldn’t resist.

Also, you’re meeting one of my best friends- Bella- in these piccys. Bella is my Auntie’s cocker spaniel, although I see her weekly and am often her babysitter. I love her to bits and she wanted to be in the photos, plus she makes the outfit 200% more cute.

So whilst the weather today is cloudy and far too chilly for June in my opinion, when the summer breaks I will be wearing this selection on those I-can’t-believe-it-is-this-hot-in-England days.

Thanks you to all you lovelies that had a read today, as always leave your links in the comments and I’ll be happy to check you out. I would also love to know what your current summer go-to outfit is? I hope you all have a fabby-dabby week. All my love, 

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  1. I loved this outfit!I've been wanting to buy shorts like that for ages and I think I've finally found just the right pair :) x


    1. Theyre so comfty and cute! Go for it! Lydia Eve | www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. I love this outfit so much! The shorts are so cute! Your dog is so cute as well!!
    Katie xx

    1. I am obsessed to- with Bella and the ditsy floral shorts! Lydia Eve | Lydia Eve

  3. You are gorgeous! All the clothes are so stylish and perfect for summer. x
    - Sanjana

    1. Your too kind! I feel that Asos does most my styling though! Lydia Eve xx

  4. This outfit is so pretty and I love the top and the converse of course. x



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