Exam Season Favourites

I am currently on my little lunch break in between the hell that is GCSE revision. Exam season is somehow happening, so today I thought I’d share with you my exam-time favourites and the things that make studying physics a little bit better.

After taking the photos for this post, I suddenly realised that a lot of these are food-based favourites. However, the brutal reality is that food is a huge motivation for revision, a thing that keeps you going and can also reward you.

I bought these sharpies literally years ago but never ended up using them because they go through the page- making them a little bit of a pain. However, the last few weeks have started an obsession with these babies. I revise in a range of ways and these are perfect for mind maps and posters. They make dull things seem fun and interesting, which I feel helps me in one way or another.

I spoke a little about Graze on my blog in this recent post****, but it has seriously become one of my favourites. These healthy pint-sized snacks are great to nibble on whilst at the desk, or as a treat after long revision hours. I love how creative and tasty the range is, and how I can have them easily delivered. I am in NO WAY SPONSORED but they do send these codes out to all customers, so if you are interested in trying a free box, there are these coupons you can use in the photo below.

In my exams I have to write in black ball-point pens, are generally a pen that is comfortable and quick to write with. I’ve been using these for the past few months, and feel they are pretty good. They’re slightly triangular, which helps my grip, and they don’t take too much pressure to write with. They’re also reasonable priced- which can be seriously hard to find these days!

Back to food and another healthy option I’ve been enjoying recently are these packs of Nakd bites in the coconut and chocolate flavour. I’ve been trying to snack better recently and have been eating a lot of Nakd products but these are definitely my favourite out of the bunch. Obviously, they aren’t gonna rival the tasty goodness of mini eggs or brownies but they’re a healthy and tasty option.

May has also been a month of coffee. I am a huge lover of coffee and I’ve somehow jumped from a weekly coffee to one every other day- but it’s just so yummy. I have been particularly addicted to the Costa Americano Tasimo tablets that are so quick, easy and delicious!

One method of revision, that has become very useful in the past few weeks, is key cards. I use them in nearly all my subject, particularly sciences and history. I also have made a bloody lot of them so have gone through packs and packs. I love these Tesco ones as they’re either big enough for multiple question and answers on a topic or as mini poster to put up around my room! In science, I write model six markers on them too.

These pens have completely made revision for me. As someone who seriously reacts to visual aspects, such as coloured pens and pretty mind maps, getting some good pens for exams season was so important to me. Before revision, I’d used these just for my adult colouring book but they have become a staple in my pencil case for titles, key words and generally making revision more bright and interactive. These ones are so good and their slightly thick nibs means they write exactly how I want them to. I also got a pack with so many shades in, so I can still have my somewhat addictive colour-coded posters…oops.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a few sprouts of very decent weather- I’ve even reached for the sun cream a couple of times- so I’ve taken the chance to get outside with revision. I only have a small-ish garden, with a little patio and patch of lawn. However, grab a blanket, a little lemonade and radio 1 on your phone, then pick up your revision tools and you have yourself a single-pringle’s revision picnic. Who said you need lots of people to have a nice time? Personally other people other distract me, so I’ve found getting outside for an hour or so when I can so fun and a good way to motivate revision.

To finish off, there’s more food. I don’t even want to consider my intake of these over the last month and a bit but these cookies have been a regular pop up. These cookies are the yummiest cookies there are- triple chocolate goodness that is perfect for post exam rewards and generally a chance to indulge. I’m not normally a triple chocolate girl (normally just choc chip) but these are unlike any other- although obviously not totally great for me, everything in moderation yeah?

Revision sucks- I wrote about the harsh reality of it and my tips right over on this blog post- so the little things that get you through can become essential. Take the Great British Sewing Bee which I take the time to watch every Monday night- how I bloody love the sewing Bee- and also these bits and bobs. What are your current favourites? For those currently facing exams, keep on going (think of the flip-flop feel of summer just around the bend) and I truly wish you the best of luck. 

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  1. I totally agree that revision is so boring! I love my set of stabilo fineliners, they are a life saver! You have to have food to revise with and a drink! I can't concentrate without them! I'm currently working through my 3rd pack of maoam strips!

    Katie xxxx

    1. Hmm- yes I know- I'm nearly always snacking or drinking. It's helpful to have some healthy and some a little naughty I think! x

  2. AH Nakd Nibbles are my favourite! The coconut flavour are actually the only ones I haven't tried yet haha, great post lovely and good luck with exams! xx

    1. They're THE BEST! Definitely worth a try! Which are your favourite? xx

  3. I feel for you revising chemistry since that's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing right now, I even have the same revision guide as you! Anyway I have to try the Nakd Nibbles, I've only ever tried the bars and I love them! Good luck with all your exams xxx


    1. Good luck for your exams too! I'm sure you'll be great! xx

  4. I've just spent about 5 minutes admiring your mind maps, honestly the neatest one I have seen!! Revision is always really boring but it's worth it in the end, just think about the end goal.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE


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