So here it is, MOODBOARD no.1. In the blog world, it can be hard to do things that are completely new and unique, but I feel MOODBOARD is a project that will allow me full creative freedom, a post with its own niche and difference.

MOODBOARD is all about my personal visual representation month by month. I love a good favourites post but I just feel there’s something so stale about them. Everyone does the same posts/ videos in the same way month after month. My idea for MOODBOARD was a fresh take on this that also shares some personal changes/ achievements from the last month to the new one, a mini preview of some post ideas I may have and a preview of what this months ‘my thoughts on’ topic will be. 
1.  A huge achievement for me last month was finishing my last project in textiles, which finalises my AS project coursework. It was my biggest project yet, a decades inspired product to me research, designed and made. I loved it, I truly did, but blimey the end got stressful. The deadline loomed and my fears of incompletion were controlling. However, now it’s all done and I couldn’t be happier with my final product: a red and houndstooth 1960s inspired coat.

2. Reads so far with month:
On holiday I started reading the Rosie Project series of books, let’s just say I think they’re a hit and a blog post may be on the horizon when I’ve finished up with the duo…
I also loved last month’s issue of Elle magazine. I like to take a magazine on holiday with me but I always struggle which to pick. I love a bit of fashion, but so many mags are filled with crappy articles and too many photos. However, I found this Elle was a good balance, with several articles that I loved and found so interesting. I am always inspired by a well-crafted journalism article.

3. Podcasts? I never thought I’d get into these but now I’m hooked. I downloaded a few from Spotify initially, listening to them on the sunbed on holiday and then found myself endlessly downloading episodes. They’re perfect for journeys- planes, cars, walks, and I feel I can really learn something. I’m loving the fashion-y ones, my favourite podcasts being the ASOS These Four Walls episode at WOW festival, Asos Big Ideas and the London College of Communication’s episodes.
4.At the start of this month I jetted off to Tenerife, warm sunshine and relaxed days. It was lovely and I had a beautiful and precious time away with my family. I really needed that mental break before exams and I think there will be a few posts inspired by the holiday coming up.

5. My thoughts on launches this month and I wanted to talk about a very prevalent topic for me at the moment- feminism. I’ve considered myself a feminist for a good while know, but I always feel a little odd saying it. This post will hopefully explore my ideas about feminism, some resources I’ve found interesting relating to it etc

6. Design is something I never fall out of love with, but at the moment I’ve been obsessed with design-related Instagram accounts and my ‘Design’ Pinterest board. One of my favourite vloggers MsRosieBea studies fashion and has a specific design Instagram that I just adore. As someone who is interested in studying design at uni, I find this both insightful and inspiring. 

So there’s MOODBOARD number 1. Let me know what you thought of the post, any feedback would be great!!
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