Review: Me Before You & After You

Wow. Where do I start with these books? As New York’s Number One Bestselling novel, Me Before You is already greatly loved. So, with a follow up novel also rising in the reading charts, today I am reviewing these books (and why I think you’ll adore them).

I love books that send me on a journey and make me feel something. So often these days, I read books that I cast aside as ‘good’ reads when really I am seeking a novel that is going to have so much emotional attachment, it hurts to end it. And these do.

Me Before You is about a girl called Lou, stuck in a rut with life and feeling generally uninspired by it all. Her situation is often tough and unsteady, but somehow Lou manages to escape it’s toxicity. With a new job facing her, unlike anything before, she is thrown into a mix of emotions and challenges. But Lou is strong, she won’t give up easy.

Will is a man whose life is changed forever one day. As he struggles to reverse the steps that have brought him to this point, he is shown a way that makes him into a different man- but is that person who he really wants to be?

Now, I haven’t seen the film of Me Before You – it was a classic ‘I’m reading the book and want to finish it first’ situation -but if you have and enjoyed it, I’d completely recommend the read.
Me Before You was a complete not-put-it-down sensation that I had to force myself to put down to make it all last that bit longer. After the first few chapters, getting into the situation and characters- I found myself loving every second.

Now, After You has a slightly different feel. Although not the tumbling story of it’s prior novel, After You is an honest read that still compels you to love it’s characters.

Without ruining the first book, the novel takes off where the last one ends. The characters are all spat out by the turbulent plotline of before, and- almost- abandoned back at the starting board.

Yet, when life seems harder than anything before, a girl turns up, someone falls from the sky and everything is altered once more. However, in the journey of self-discovering and recovery (ahh it rhymes), life no longer as kind to them all. There are new tests, decisions and the carrying of the world to hold up.

Both books are utterly fantastic- both firm favourites on my bookshelf now. Jojo Moyes is a fab writer, who truly forces you into the lives of the people she writes about. Her writing is interesting, honest and brutal at times- yet also filled with the sense of appreciation for life and living. I am just about to dive into another of her books (literally can’t wait), so I’ll report back after.

Even if you don’t read, it’s worth a go. I think you’ll like it. A lot.

Thank you all for reading this post, let me know if you’re read both- or either- in the comments below. I hope you all have brilliant days and I’ll see you soon,

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  1. This was lovely to read! I have the first one to read, and I'm so excited!!

    1. Go read it! It's an amazing book and a real comfort read! Lydia Eve |

  2. I have read the first book (yet to watch the film) and adored it. It was definitely a rollercoster ride with many emotions thrown in to the mix. I haven't picked up the second purely for the fact that I like the idea of the first being a stand alone, I guess it's just my personal opinion but I may give the second book a go at some point

    Tabitha |

    1. The first book is definitely better as the feel of the second is tainted (due to the end of the first). I liked following Lou's life after nonetheless! Lydia Eve |

  3. I loved the first one but was not able to get into it he second one as much. I am enjoying it but for me, it was not the page turner Me before You was!
    Katie xx

    1. I feel I agree- I just couldn't let the story end I guess! After You is honest, and that's what I liked, as it told us the truth about Lou life after novel 1! Lydia Eve xx


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