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One of my favourite blog posts I’ve ever written was all about scrapbooking on my previous blog. It was really popular too, with a lot of readers commenting about the fact they’d love to start scrapbooking. So today, I thought I’d write a post about my favourite hobbie and share with you my scrapbook essentials and the things I would buy as part of a scrapbook starter kit.

I am an avid scrapbooker. Long gone are the days of mum-sy scrapbooks and old-fashioned design, modern scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to capture memories and your favourite photos.
I started scrapbooking because I wanted to have somewhere I could see all my memories that wasn’t under the glare of a digital screen.  Since I was little, my Nan would show me old photo albums and holiday pics, and I felt I wanted the physical images too- for myself and my future.

Moreover, scrapbooking has evolved to be a very modern and creative thing with an abundance of choices to make your scrapbook really your own.

I treasure my scrapbooks and love to sit down and spend a few hours flicking through my past books. However, I also love setting an evening aside, grabbing my glue stick and scrapbooking the last few weeks of photos and activities.

So here is my starter kit- my top pics and essentials for all the bits and bops you might want to consider if you’re starting a scrapbook. 

First you need to pick your battleground. Have a google, make a Pinterest board and find out which kind of scrapbook is best suited for you. There are so many variations, from Project Life to a Polaroid albums- although my current favourite is the simple sticking-it-down-onto-plain-sheets way.

My top recommendation for the actual scrapbook is Paperchase. Paperchase is always full of scrapbooks and albums in cute designs with a huge choice of sizes and shapes. However, Hobbycraft do some really affordable ones and Amazon is a good pic for cheaper Project Life album alternatives.

If you’re interested, mine is the gold spot medium size scrapbook from Paperchase which, I believe, they still sell.

So let’s start simple. It’s all good spending all your money on cute stickers and 101 other things- but first you will need the essentials.

A good glue stick is so important (you don’t want your photos peeling or falling out) and I recommend a good old Pritt stick. Then, some sharp scissors for cutting out, and double sided tape- this comes in so useful for sticking on ribbons and in places where glue just won’t do.

With photos, you can either get them printed off in bulk, at Boots, Cosco or online, or at home. If so, it’s probably worth investing in some photo paper for your printer.

Lettering is always a good place to start when getting your scrapbook box all up together. There’s always the choice to simply write it yourself, or print typography from your computer, but lettering is also a way to get really creative with your pages.

A top pic for me is a letter stamp set, which adds a lovely effect, and mine was a complete bargain from Tiger at £3.

Nonetheless, I also use sticker letters constantly, from typewriter styles to scrabble-inspired stick-ons. For this, Amazon, Hobbycraft and the Range is always a good choice. Just be careful because regularly used vowels run out quickly, so make sure you’ve got plenty stocked up!

If you are using a plain-page scrapbook like my gold spot, it is always a nice touch to add colour/ design via scrapbook paper or cards.

Scrapbook paper is available in a range of colours, patterns, sizes and also prices. I have a rather small one I got from Hobbycraft in the Dear Lizzy collection. Then, at Christmas, I like to get seasonal papers to add festive feel to my photo spreads.

If you’re planning on making a Project Life, you will need some cards. These 4 by 6 and 3 by 4 cards, some in a range of cute designs and themed collections. I also bought a pack this year to decorate my plain-sheet scrapbook. I love the Project Life brand cards, as their collections are sunning, coming in gold-foil, glitter and even chalk-board style sets.

If Project Life cards are a bit too pricy- they are expensive for card but do last months and months- then you can always make your own out of scrapbook paper or coloured card!

Being a scrapbooker does involve a mindset change. When you go on a day out, you no longer throw out the parking ticket or cinema seats, you keep them to place beside photos from the day.
Although this may seem like hoarding, I prefer the term collecting.

On holidays, or days out, I always try to pick up postcards too and never neglect to stick in my train/ tube tickets. Birthday card clippings are kept and you are always thinking about things you may want to have to capture the day.

Along with this, it is also nice to decorate with things you may pick up. I love Paperchase postcards- which are about 75p- as they always have lovely quotes on them. I have literally spend so much money on these over the years, but they make everything look pretty as a picture.

Tapes and trimmings are an optional that also add personality to your pages.

Washi tape is something that a lot of people love, and adds colour and pattern wherever you want. However, Hobbycraft and the Range also have some adorable ribbons that look so lovely as a boarder.

I also discovered these card-string-shaped hearts and bunting in the ‘bare basics’ range that can be found in the Range. They are one of my favourite scrapbook discoveries.

Lastly, there are embellishments. The other little bits that simply finish off your scrapbook. Available in every craft shop, embellishments can range from sequins to chipboard shapes. Stickers are always a nice addition and this set of mini cards came with my Project Life card set and I use them in nearly every spread.

So there it is. After nearly two years of constant scrapbooking, I feel I’ve come to be a bit of a scrapbook-obsessed gal but I love it. My scrapbook box has pretty much all I need- although I still get spendy in Hobbycaft sometimes- and if you’re starting I hope you’ve got some inspiration from this post.

Have you ever scrapbooked? What would your style be like? I’d love to know your thoughts and if you have any other blog post request, just let me know in the comments,

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  1. I really love this post, since I've been wanting to start scrapbooking for years, but never got to it. I only keep photo albums, because I love going through them once in a while:) It's way better than looking at your photos online/ on computer. x Fanni

    1. I just love the multi-texture and creativity of scrapbooking, but anyway of capturing those moments and memories is so powerful and lovely to have! Lydia Eve xx

  2. Wow! I feel totally jealous. I'm a sucker for anything scrapbook and craft related. I love that stamp kit! ♥ | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. Same- addicted to all things scrapbook... I even have a dedicated Pinterest board. Lydia Eve x

  3. I lovee this post! Have added to my reading list and will be returning in the future!

    My Little Online Space

  4. Love this post so much! I came from your comment on my post and this is making me even more excited to continue scrapbooking awe xx

    Morgan //


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