Why You Should Re-Explore Where You Live

I often feel I take for granted the place I live. Within a thirty minute bus ride from Bristol, I live so close to a great city that I simply don’t visit enough. So in this ‘day in my life’-y post, I re-explore an area of beautiful Bristol (plus some photos of a tasty coffee I had on my day out).

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I decided not to make a summer bucket list this year- it is something I always give into but never end up completing. However, in the mind-crippling hours of revision, I occasionally typed down the odd thing I wanted to do in my phone notes- and one was to explore more of Bristol.

Unless I’m shopping or visiting family, I simply seem to forget about the city. Bristol is steeped in history and filled with amazing places to go and explore. So, I’ve decided that- as much as I can- I want to try and see more of it this summer.

I started this with a trip to Park Street, a place I haven’t actually been (apart from in the car) for yonks. We went to a little coffee shop, called the Boston Tea Party for a coffee and cake.

The BTP is small chain of coffee shops and all are lovely, the interior to die for and homemade treats that all yummy-looking. I've been to a few of them a handful of times for their breakfast- you should seriously try their bacon and maple syrup pancakes- but never for just a coffee and cake.

I went with two of my favourite people- my Nan and sister- and we had a lovely time. I had a cappuccino and chocolate and coconut flapjack, both of which were scrumptious. I mean I’m craving them just looking back at the photos. My sister had a millionaire’s shortbread and my Nan the biggest scone I’ve ever seen- which again they both loved.

I love days like this, relaxed moments in the summer filled with light-hearted chats and the people I love. It was also so nice, and refreshing, to be in a place I haven’t been for such a long time.

I’d really recommend re-visiting your home town or city. There are always places to explore and go and it can be as simple as a walk and a coffee. I hope to do some more visiting in my home town too, with a trip to Clifton planned too. So why not re-explore the place that perhaps you are in the most? Sometimes it is the place we take most for granted.

Thanks for reading my lovelies- something a bit different today but I hope you enjoyed it. I love blogging and taking my camera on day trips is something I always forget to do, so I hope you liked this lifestyle-like post. I’ll see you all on Friday,

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  1. I never do enough leisure things in my own city, I always go in and out doing what I need to do! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I live so near bristol too! I really want to explore it properly as there are so many places I haven't been xx

  3. Loved this as I live in Bristol and don't explore it nearly enough! I loved reading a post where I knew some of the places mentioned though. x


  4. Yes yes yes! I adore this post & live by this post. I too have recently been exploring my own area & there's so much detail all around. Sometimes enjoying a nice little cappuccino is all you need. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  5. i live in quite a small place so i'm not sure how much more there is to explore haha, but i'm sure i could find something if i tried harder! really nice idea though & your photos look nice :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. Bristol seems like a great city :) But I've had the same thoughts lately! I live near a city called Québec [city] (in Canada), and I feel like I'm traveling whenever I go there! There is so much to explore.


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