Floral Embroidery: A Wishlist and £6 Bargain

Stitched, appliqued or decorated, embroidery has suddenly grown to cover practically every item of current clothing. From the hipster-style patches to sewn-on slogans, the trend has consumed tops, jackets and even jeans. However, as floral embroidery emerges, I am now uncontrollably obsessed. So here is my bargain £6 attempt at the trend and also a list of desirable top-picks that I wish I COULD OWN ALL OF.

If you asked any of my friends what my ‘style’ was, or what I wore the most, the answer would probably be something girly or floral. Some people like stripes, others crazy prints, but I find myself ogling again and again at anything with flowers on it- specifically floral on black.

My style is quite girly and I can never deny these gorgeous flower-coated clothes- so my wardrobe is packed with them… and I love it that way.

So, when the embroidery trend took a turn to the floral front- well I fell for it.

This £6 t-shirt is from Primark and is great if you want to do the trend on a budget. Primark is generally fab for trend pieces and this top is no exception. Although the t-shirts quality is a little bad (with only overlocked edges and made in a very thin material), I think it will be great to style over the next few months. I love how this top looks worn casually with jeans, but it would also look good with a skirt, pinafore dress or even dungarees.

And, well, the high street is currently killing it when it comes to making the trend it’s own. There are some seriously stunning pieces of clothing going on here- but these are my top choices:

1.       I spotted this pretty number on Sophie’s post on Shy Life Living. She looked absolutely stunning, and I loved the effect of the cluttered floral front on a simple basic white shirt. This one is from Zara and is £29.99, but does seem to be a good quality piece.

2.       Oh my goodness. I was never a fan of the trend on more staple pieces, like jeans, as I feel they will probably fall out of fashion within a few months, but these, I think, are so cute. My best friend Ruth has a pair of Topshop floral embroidered jeans (the ones with the red flowers) and she always rocks them too. These, also Topshop (£45), are a little more universal, with the blue pattern, but I’m just not sure I’d suit the straight design. Nonetheless, if you are into that type of jeans, these seem so worth picking up- or at least a cheeky try on

3.       Mixing it up now with a bag- of which there are also lots of about- the next pick is from Accessorize and is this ornate floral clutch. It is such a classic design, and would jazz up any evening outfit. It is decorated with sequins and has a handy chain but it is a pricy pick at £45 for a clutch. I think I’ll enjoy this one from the shop window.

4.       Coats. Well, with the colder season coming up and this trend not seeming to weaken in popularity, isn’t it expected that the shops would churn out at least a few gorgeous embroidered coats. My favourite winter number is from Zara, £119 but bloody cute and something that seems reasonable practicle for the Uk’s cooler months.

5.       Coat number 2, from Reclaimed Vintage on ASOS, is more for the inbetween-y months, the cold autumn days in the rain and crisp spring mornings, a jacket that- although not actually waterproof- would make you look really adorable. It may not be the best pick- at £68 you probably still want a coat that’s going to be helpful again weather- but I do love the purple flower spots, so there it is.

6.       A racy but fun playsuit next. This Missguided, £35, pick is literally half sheer, but no one I feel can deny that striking effect that this has matched with delicate embroidery. Okay, I’d probably never have the confidence to wear it, but with a pretty bando/ crop top underneath, it would make you look thebomb.com. I just feel it’s a shame it doesn’t have a slip or anything to cover the boob area.

7.       I have been eyeing this one up for months. A black a-line Topshop skirt covered in pretty embroidery. The thing that held me back (literally I was one click away) was the price- £39 for a skirt is still a bit steep in my opinion- and the fact it keeps going in and out of stock. Yet, if this did go down in stock, I’d for sure pick it up as its 100% down my street.

8.       A second Zara shirt (£29.99), but this one is striped and has such a special embroidery section. Front and back, the swirling embroidered flowers, leaves and birds, completely caught my eye. I just think its stunning and perfect to wear with basically anything- I’d also imagine a good piece if you’re trying to sort out a smart-casual outfit.

9.       To finish, some shoes, cause why can’t floral be of every inch of my wardrobe? These heels are Miss Selfridge for £65, a pair I’d probably always want and never get. I just think these would MAKE a look- you know what I mean? I love the flower and bird motif and, as a lace up pair of heels, feel they combine much of the year’s footwear trends in one shoe.

I love this trend, it is my favourite of the year so far, and can’t wait to see how it evolves into autumn winter- I’m just praying it doesn’t fizzle out cause my list of floral embroidered wants are for sure making my Christmas list!

What were you’re favourite picks? How would you style this trend? I’d love to know down in the comments. Thank you my lovelies for reading and I’ll see you soon,

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  1. I love the clutch from Accesorize! I don't usually wear florals but I might get into this trend xx

    1. My Prom clutch was from Accessorise and I loved wearing it- they're pricy but great quality! Lydia Eve | www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. I love the flower embroided a-line denim skirts at the moment, they are honestly so cute!

    Tabitha x

    1. I know, just making this post made me want to do a huge spending haul! Lydia Eve | www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. The skirt is super cute! Xx

    1. I know- I just had to get it in a few colours so I could wear it all the time! Lydia Eve | www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  4. That shirt is amazing! I love the look of floral embroidery on jeans at the moment.

    1. I know- and the highstreet do some great examples (obviously ranging in price and quality)! Lydia Eve xx


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